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“Kitashinchi Shouan” opened in November 2012 and has been supported by everyone’s patronage. We prepare Japanese cuisine with various ingredients so that you can enjoy the taste of each season. The shop is located less than a minute’s walk north of ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka in Kitashinchi, Osaka. The interior of the restaurant, which has an image of the scent of wood, has large and small private rooms in a calm space, and plain wood counter seats that are served in front of the chef. receive. We look forward to welcoming everyone.





Popular Omakase Course


here are courses and a la carte dishes. The Omakase course offers a variety of dishes, so you can enjoy the taste of the season. We have small appetizers, bowls, grilled fish, sashimi, sushi, small pots, fried foods, yakiniku, desserts, and more. In addition to sushi made by chefs, there is also an affiliated restaurant, Yakiniku Koryu Romantei. Sherbet made with Dassai sake is also popular with women.

Taste seasonal ingredients

Matsuba crab and pufferfish, depending on the season

All dishes are made with seasonal ingredients. Depending on the season, we can prepare large pot dishes (advance reservation required) such as Matsuba crab and pufferfish. During the winter banquet season, it is a special pleasure to sit around a hot pot with close friends. I will help you with such a party. In addition, the red crabs procured every season from the Tottori fishing port are served one by one in fine shells, and are a popular gem as a winter tradition at our restaurant.



Commitment to Dashi Alfonsino

Incense from Kishu Bincho charcoal<

Nodoguro, and Wagyu beef hot pot are particular about the soup stock. Inside the pot is the ichiban dashi that shines in a bright golden color. The broth is made from tuna flakes and kombu seaweed that have no blood. The turbidity is removed, and you can enjoy the deep taste along with the color. In addition, grilled fish and meat are heated over Kishu Binchotan charcoal, which enhances the umami flavor together with the fragrant aroma.

Marriage with vessel

Delicious Shigaraki ware

We think that matching with the vessel is important for dishes that play various colors. Our tableware is made by 7 Shigaraki ware artists. Various shapes of tableware, centered on subdued colors, bring out the flavor of the dishes, so that the seafood and other ingredients stand out. Similarly, the sake bottle is made by a Shigaraki ware artist, creating a delicious marriage.



The course menu is ¥8500 (including consumption tax and service charge). Mainly Japanese seafood dishes, sashimi, sushi, tempura, hot pot, yakiniku, and desserts are included. A la carte is also available. You can enjoy sashimi, sushi, tempura, grilled fish, and unique Japanese sake side dishes. Prices vary depending on seasonal ingredients.





Drinks are available from various alcoholic beverages to soft drinks. We have beer, chuhai, wine, champagne, whiskey, and a selection of recommended Japanese sake.






 Efforts against covid19 

Considering the impact of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19), we give top priority to ensuring the safety of our customers, and we are trying to create an environment where you can visit us with peace of mind. We are ventilating frequently, and we are thoroughly disinfecting the store, including counters and chairs. In addition, when customers enter the store, they disinfect their hands with alcohol and limit the number of customers entering the store when it is crowded. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your cooperation.




ADRESS 〒530-0003  1ー3−40  Doujima Kita-ku Osaka-city STAC DOUJIMA Buillding B1
PHONE 06ー6344ー0200
nearest station 4 minutes walk from JR Tozai Line Kitashinchi Station

1minute walk north from ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel

BUSINESS HOUR Open18:00~Close23:00 (Last Order22:00)
REGULAR HOLIDAY Sundays and holidays
NUMBER OF SEATS 4 counter seats, 3 table seats for 4 people (can accommodate 8 people), private room for 6 people
REMARKS Reservation possible, various credit cards





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